EMail: xrop at xrop dot me

Please encrypt or at least sign email messages.

The GnuPG key changes periodically. The most recent key is listed below.

Fingerprint: 0D494552E5C72F0DECA3090697082AD142656BD0

Public Key: Nicolás Kennedy <xrop at xrop dot me>


Version Control

Projects are usually hosted on GitLab.

GitLab: xrop

NotABug: xrop

GitHub: xrop


The Alias

𝒙 is the unknown.

“rop” is return oriented programming - a novel method for altering the behavior of a computer program.

Other than this superficial meaning, xrop was rather arbitrarily chosen with the purpose of being a concise pseudonym.


Nicolás Kennedy is in the eleventh grade

His career goals are twofold: to study Artificial Intelligence with the purpose of contributing academic research, and to engineer computer software that is preferably free and open source.